Mile Stones

DAO Progress in Hindsight
  • SDO has been established as a multicollateral backed stable coin on BSC.
  • Peg is established and has been holding steady for several months.
  • Several partners including Fetch.AI, Reef Finance, Linear Finance and more have been onboarded as partners.
  • USDO LP incentive programs have been rolled out on via a partnership and grant program with
  • A USDO centric stable swap called omnitrade has been setup on BSC.
  • A multicollateral minter based on the Compound lending engine has been established and battle tested.
  • Various native token pairs with USDO are operational and incentivized.
  • OCP has also introduced a concept known as yield minting in which assets such as BTC, Stable coins, BNB, CAKE etc are deployed to high yield strategies and that deployed collateral is used to mint USDO.
  • Native use case of USDO include a synthetic Tesla Long Shorts market via a partnership with Metallex and several other synthetic long short markets via a partnership with MCDEX.
  • A grantee,, has secured a Digital Currency Exchange registration with the Australian regulator AUSTRAC. This will be used to make on and offramps possible for USDO.