The Future
  • USDO Minting - Status: Ongoing USDO minting is currently controlled by the core team. This will be handed over to the DAO as part of the Arbitrum roll out.
  • Marketing Efforts - Status: Ongoing We are working with marketing teams/experts to organize and execute advertising. This is ongoing as of November 1st 2021.
  • Liquidity Buy Back Program - Status: In Progress An Olympus style liquidity buy back program is in the works for OPEN.
  • Multi-Chain Rollout - Status: On Standby Likely in Q1 of 2022, contingent on prerequisite development
  • The rollout roadmap order is:
  • CEX Listing - Status: On Standby Likely in Q1 of 2022, contingent on platform size
  • Incentive Programs - Status: On Standby The objective of OPEN DAO is to grow adoption and liquidity of USDO. Hence USDO BUSD farms on various AMMs will be incentivized. Projects promoting USDO adoption will be given grants that have to be approved via DAO governance. veOPEN token holders will receive fee distributions via staking. OPEN LPs will be rewarded to ensure growth of OPEN liquidity.
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